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Prepare Your Pet For Surgery (Part 2)
*Mass removals: The area where the mass was removed is going to be a little sore and may start to itch after a day or two. We highly discourage excessive licking at the surgical site and will place an Elizabethan collar on your pet prior to discharge. This collar will need to remain on your pet until the sutures/staples are removed approximately 14 days from surgery. An Elizabethan collar will also be place on pet's for other procedures such as spaying and neutering and laceration repairs.

  This is what an e-collar looks like on a dog:

On a cat:

And this is where it all came from:

An Elizabethan collar should be worn by any pet that will not leave a surgical incision alone. 

When to expect further diagnostic results such as biopsies, blood results, x-rays etc.,:

Biopsy results are usually in our clinic 10-14 business days. As soon as the results are in our office, we will call you with them. Blood work results can turn around in as little as 48 hours. Some blood results are done in clinic and results are within the hour. X-rays are also done in clinic and the results are available within minutes.

What if something happens?

If you feel that your pet is distress (bleeding, opening the stitches/staples, swollen etc) after a surgical procedure, please call our office. If we are not available then we strongly suggest you contact the Emergency Clinic.