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International Health Certificates and Travel for Companion Animals
Stuart Animal Hospital has on staff veterinarians credentialed by the Federal Government to issue documents for interstate and international travel with companion animals. Depending on destination the requirements can be very stringed, sometimes requiring months of preparation. Furthermore, requirements often change monthly, necessitating thorough research of your pet's individual requirements in order for us to prepare the appropriate travel documents. Proper preparation is extremely important as it can avoid unnecessary and costly quarantine of your beloved pet.
Our veterinarians are accredited by the USDA to issue Health Certificates
Most airlines require that the Health Certificate be issued within 10 days of travel
Your pet's current Rabies Certificate should accompany the Health Certificate

What is a Health Certificate?

A Health Certificate is a document that is issued by the veterinarian certifying that 1) the veterinarian has examined the traveling dog or cat, 2) considers the pet to be in good health and free of infectious or contagious diseases, and 3) the pet has a current rabies vaccination and is not from a rabies quarantined area. The Health Certificate must be prepared by a USDA accredited veterinarian ( our veterinarians have obtained this accreditation), this is not to be confused with the Official APHIS State veterinarian-who in most cases must endorse international Health Certificates after preparation by an accredited veterinarian.
If your dog or cat is traveling to Hawaii, or internationally, there are generally more requirements for travel in addition to the Health Certificate and Rabies Certificate (microchip, blood tests, special forms, USDA endorsement by the Official APHIS State veterinarian, etc). For more details, please contact the country's consulate office, or feel free to call to schedule a consultation with our Travel Document Liaison at (772) 287-2242. Please provide the following information as it will expedite the process:
Travel Destination
Departure Date
All Pertinent Documentation and Medical Records (including rabies vaccinations, rabies titers, and microchip/tattoo identifications)
Please be advised that if traveling by air many airlines require documentation independent of those documents required by the country or province to which your pet is traveling. It is your responsibility to contact the appropriate airline to determine these requirements. Airline requirements may include State issued Health Certificates and Letters of Acclimation.

USDA-Aphis: Export of animals

USDA-Aphis: International Animal Export Regulations

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